Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 6 Rankings Results

At first I thought I had done a horrible job this week compared to the top experts from FantasyPros, but it turns out that I held my own through most categories. I had a terrible time of running backs, but I excelled at predicting quarterbacks and wide receivers. Here are the results...

 I was amongst the best at predicting the rankings of quarterbacks within my own top-12 rankings, did exactly average with top-12 inclusion, and then finished second in ranking all quarterbacks this week. Definitely not a bad week.

The running backs were pretty awful for me. My top-24 inclusive was the worst, and my RB-all was also the worst. Those data are slightly skewed because other experts tend to list 40+ running backs. When you are comparing your top guy to a third stringer you don't end up with great data, but even without that number it was still a bad week there.

I had the best rankings amongst all experts at correctly ranking my top-24 receivers, I had a mediocre inclusion rating (12 of my 24 top receivers were actually in the top-24), and my WR all looks weak. Again, that has a lot to do with the fact that Jodi Smith has like 65 receivers on his list. The guys at the bottom had very very few points, but I set up the rankings so I can't really complain.

This week I will be comparing myself to Jody Smith, Tags Fantasy, the Sablich brothers, Brad Evans, and Rotoworld. I have a strong suspicion that the Sablich brothers are cheating their readers and falsely inflating their ratings on FantasyPros. My reasoning is as follows. Last week I took my snapshot of player rankings on Friday and Saturday. The Sablich brothers did not have Antonio Brown listed in their rankings, but they DID have Mike Wallace and Kenny Britt listed. I have a hard time believing that on a list of 50 NFL wide receivers Brown doesn't make that list (especially since Brown was a top-25 receiver for all other experts). Similarly, Rashard Mendenhall was listed 40th (below Redman) despite being ranked 21st or better by all other experts. Now they do say that players will be moved before the weekend games, but you would naturally expect them to keep some sort of consistency rather than cheating the system. I'm going to see what happens this week. Maybe they were just genuinely convinced that Brown and Mendenhall would underachieve...I wish they would have notified me about that.

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