Wednesday, October 17, 2012

W7 Preview: Cleveland Browns @ Indianapolis Colts

Week 7 Previews

Cleveland Browns @ Indianapolis Colts - 1:00pm EST Sunday

The Browns and Colts are two bad teams, but you never really know what you're going to get from them. Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson seem to have good games at random, and the Colts managed to beat the Packers (although I'm still bitter about the fumble that was recalled because of a terrible penalty call) and then promptly got steamrolled by the Jets. Reggie Wayne is probably among the most consistent receivers to this point in the season, but odds are that this will be a relatively ugly game. The positive here is that neither team is especially adept at creating turnovers, so fantasy enthusiasts should have the opportunity for plenty of points.

Fantasy Outlook: Good

7th Andrew Luck - Luck has been good all season with the exception of a few games. I don't think this week will disappoint too much. Luck isn't a lock to crack 18 points, but he should approach that number if he can avoid turnovers. The Browns allow opposing QBs over 20 points per game on average, so there is definitely the possibility for Luck to have an amazing game.

18th Brandon Weeden - I want to have Weeden a lot higher than this, but he's this far down the list because no one is going to bet their fantasy season on him. There is no one above him on this list that I would bench in his place if the season were on the line. Thus, while Weeden has been playing very well lately, he just isn't consistent enough to really instill confidence in fantasy owners. The Colts allow nearly 17 PPG from opposing QBs.

Running Backs:

4th Trent Richardson - I'm giving Richardson another chance near the top against an Indianapolis defense that is allowing 26.52 points to opposing running backs every week. Those numbers are staggering, and if Richardson can get 75% of that it will be an amazing fantasy week. He has the potential if he isn't injured. This rookie has big talent and should be a top-10 pick next season barring some unforeseen occurrence.

29th Vick Ballard - I brought up the shortcomings of Ballard to a number of people last week and gave him almost no vote of confidence, but I will admit that putting him at 26th was far too high. This week he is even lower. He would be even lower if the Browns didn't give up 19.4 points per game to running backs. Donald Brown would come in somewhere around 14th if he were healthy.

Wide Receivers:

2nd Reggie Wayne - The Colts receivers are going up against a defense that allows 33.52 points per game to opposing receivers. Wayne has a good portion of the Colts receiving points, and the Browns defense does not seem like they will be capable of slowing him down. Anything less than 100 yards and a touchdown would be a disappointment from a fantasy perspective for Reggie Wayne. I expect great things from him this week.

22nd Josh Gordon - I wrestled with the placement of Josh Gordon. He definitely isn't a 1-week-wonder at this point, but how can you trust starting him in an impotant fantasy week? His boat is the same as Weeden's, but with the Colts giving up 26.7 points per game to receivers you can feel confident betting with him as a bye week filler.

24th Donnie Avery - I really liked Austin Collie coming into the season, so this is a great game for Avery to step into that role. He has enough football talent, but he needs to prove that he can be the number two guy for Luck. This is a great opportunity.

32nd Greg Little - Little has been on the outs due to his ball dropping ability. This is a good game for him to prove he still wants to be a receiver on this team. The Colts will start focusing on Gordon after the last two weeks.

33rd T.Y. Hilton - Hilton is also fighting for the WR2 spot with the Colts. Really, this defense is bad enough to support 3 decent fantasy receivers, and Hilton should see enough targets to be valuable in deep leagues this week.

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