Sunday, October 7, 2012

NFC East Defensive Matchups

**NOTE: These are match-up ratings, not defensive ratings. A rating of 1st means that they are an amazing match-up while a rating of 32nd means they are the worst match-up. 

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4. Washington Redskins Defense:
4th Against the Pass [21.10 PPG]: The Redskins are absolutely terrible against opposing quarterbacks, which is definitely saying something since they've played Brees, Bradford, Dalton, and Freeman. There's absolutely no getting around this deficiency, especially since they lost Carriker and Orakpo. Play any QB against the Redskins D.
23rd Against the Run [13.60 PPG]: The Redskins have managed to have success against the run by limiting the carries by opposing offenses. As long as the opponent feels pressured by the Redskins offense, they should be solid against the run. I wouldn't hold too strongly to this ranking if you know the offense will run the ball heavily (20+ times per game).
1st Against Receivers [37.98 PPG]: The Redskins have the worst record against opposing WRs of any team in the NFL right now. The primary wide receiver has been absolutely excellent against this defense, so play any WR1s and all strong WR2s against this terrible defense.
4th Against Tight Ends [10.45 PPG]: The final piece is that the Skins are terrible against tight ends. Given that there are still multiple games against the NFC East with their solid TEs, this ranking won't be getting much better.

11. New York Giants Defense:
14th Against the Pass [16.97 PPG]: Since the first game of the season, the Giants have been quite good against the pass. The pass rush is something to be feared, and their secondary is slowly getting more healthy. Until their corners are back to full health, it will still be fine to play many QBs against them. This isn't a team you want to seek a fight with or run away from.
19th Against the Run [14.10 PPG]: The offense is helping stop the run in the case of the Giants. They are allowing well over 4 yards per carry, but only enduring about 21 carries per game. The Giants run defense has not allowed rushing touchdowns (only one this season); likely due to their strong short yardage game. Singular running backs on strong offenses could have great success. Any sort of RBBC probably kills the value of all backs involved.
7th Against Receivers [26.80 PPG]: The Giants are allowing about 1 touchdown per 10 passing attempts to receivers. This is an unbelievably high rate and should be taken advantage of whenever available. The Giants are giving up over 17 yards per reception to wide receivers. Get your big play receivers in the game.
26th Against Tight Ends [5.53 PPG]: The Giants are doing very well against tight ends. Try to avoid this defense if you can when picking a tight end.

27. Philadelphia Eagles Defense:
29th Against the Pass [11.34 PPG]: The Eagles have been immensely successful against opposing fantasy quarterbacks. They have allowed just over 220 yards per game with barely 50% completions and more interceptions than touchdowns. That data is slightly skewed by their first game against the Browns, but the data holds: You don't want to start a borderline QB against this defense. Period.
26th Against the Run [12.23 PPG]: The Eagles are playing well against the run this year, but they are only facing about 22 rushes per game. The teams they've played have been quite variable (T. Rich was hurting week 1, Ryan Williams, Ray Rice, and Ahmad Bradshaw), but you can't really argue with 12 points per game. You don't want your RB starting against this team if they aren't a serious starter.
15th Against Receivers [22.03 PPG]: Even with the terrible passing ratings this team is only decent against receivers. Opponents tend to find room to work, even with two great corners on the outside. You don't need to worry too much about playing good receivers against the Eagles.
30th Against Tight Ends [4.93 PPG]: This rating is very very low. Try to avoid this matchup if you can.

29. Dallas Cowboys Defense:
27th Against the Pass [12.22 PPG]: The Cowboys offense has stifled a lot of opposing quarterbacks this season. Consider the games against the Seahawks and Bears where Tony Romo would have scored as many or more fantasy points for the opponent than he did for his own team. The Cowboys defense is falsely inflated by the fact that opposing teams simply don't need to pass the ball against them to win. Tony Romo has been the leading passer in all four games so far this season. This defense will not be so good if they get tested late in a game against a serious contender.
17th Against the Run [14.50 PPG]: The Cowboys are average against the run, allowing just barely under 4 YPC this season on about 25 carries per game. They have managed to reduce the number of RB receptions so far this season, so try to avoid playing RBs who catch passes as part of their fantasy lifeblood against this team. The linebackers here can move to the ball.
31st Against Receivers [15.28 PPG]: Similarly to the QBs, opposing wide receivers just never get a chance to tear this team a new one. Brandon Marshall had serious success against this team, and I would think it safe to play any top receivers against the Cowboys. Their WR number is generically deflated.
14th Against Tight Ends [8.43 PPG]: This is a relatively high number, so play opposing tight ends against the Cowboys if you have a reasonable option.

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