Monday, October 15, 2012

A Short Waiver Overview After Week 6

I've been focusing on work and defensive matchups more lately. By now most people know which receivers and quarterbacks are going to perform on a weekly basis. You also don't need me to keep telling you to not pick up players off waivers. My opinion isn't changing on most players. There are a few guys who will be exploding over the next few weeks and offer unique opportunities.

1. Felix Jones - Jones is looking at 1 or more weeks in the driver's seat for the Cowboys. DeMarco Murray's sprain adds a long term potential to this addition, so there is absolutely nothing that should stop you from adding Felix Jones. He scored over 16 points last game and he played quite well after Murray went down last season.

2. Josh Gordon - It seemed like only a matter of time until Josh Gordon broke out...but then it happened two weeks in a row. This might just be for real with the big arm of Weeden syncing up with the receiver who was compared to Randy Moss entering the supplemental draft. I'm going to pick him up as a solid WR4/5.

3. LeGarrette Blount - Blount is slowly growing into the Buccaneers offense with Martin not living up to expectations. The rookie year is tough for any running back, and if Blount is healthy and productive he might get more looks as the season goes forth. It's looking like his touches will be creeping up towards 15 per game going forward.

4. Brandon Gibson - Gibson lived up to the hype this week, and he might just be the guy to own on the Rams offense. It will definitely take another week before we can be sure, but if he can get 9 targets a week he will be a long term option.

5. William Powell - Powell proved that the Cardinals can run the ball against terrible run defenses, but I don't think I trust this guy against good run defenses. None of the Cardinals runners have done well against good run defenses, so he might be worthwhile to plug in on bye weeks when the Cards have good matchups.

6. Daryl Richardson - Richardson is pushing Steven Jackson out of the starting role, so he definitely could be a good play moving forward in deep leagues. I think he's the kind of guy you could definitely hold onto in case something happens to Steven Jackson.

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