Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 4: Tight End Rankings

Week 4 Tight End Rankings

The tight end position is notoriously difficult to predict because there is so little consistency in player performance from game to game. Tight ends don't score enough points to make truly educated guess about how they will perform each week, and this is further hindered by the fact that there is such a huge discrepancy in the skill and usage of tight ends that we can't use the average numbers from previous tight ends to accurately predict the way we can for running backs and quarterbacks, especially.

1. Rob Gronkowski @ BUF - Despite the bad game last week, I just can't drop Gronkowski. Elite players have bad games.

2. Jimmy Graham @ GB - At some point he will probably have a few games without touchdowns...but I doubt it will be this week. Vernon Davis played well against the Packers opening weekend.

3. Tony Gonzalez vs CAR - Gonzalez has found the fountain of youth in this revamped Atlanta offense. He should be a big part of their game against Carolina.

4. Martellus Bennett @ PHI - I rebuffed someone who said Bennett would play a big part in the Giants offense this season. This is me eating crow; Bennett is getting looks to be elite. The Cowboys might wish they had him back right now.

5. Vernon Davis @ NYJ - Davis is a great TE and he is probably the best skill-position player on this team. He shouldn't falter against the Jets.

6. Kyle Rudolph @ DET - We all know what Jared Cook did to the Lions defense last week. This week it should be Rudolph. He has become a large part of the Minnesota offense.

7. Jermichael Finley vs NO - The New Orleans defense is bad, and Finley has been pretty good this season despite the poor Packers passing attack (in a relative sense). You have to like his odds this week.

8. Brandon Pettigrew vs MIN - I feel like I always overrate Pettigrew because he gets so many receptions and so few yards. He will probably start sliding down next week if things don't turn around.

9. Jermaine Gresham @ JAX - Gresham finally got into the offense last week and I expect it to continue into the future. If it doesn't he will slide again.

10. Fred Davis @ TB - Watching the Redskins game last weekend, I had to wonder where that Fred Davis had been for the first 5 halves of the season. Hopefully he is back to his old, productive self.

11. Brent Celek vs NYG - I never know what to expect from this guy. He has some good games and some terrible games. I like his odds this week.

12. Antonio Gates vs KC - The injuries must be worse than reported, because he just isn't playing the way he can. So much for feeling great this offseason.

13. Jared Cook @ HOU - Cook seems like more of a WR than a TE, and he can have great games with Locker...he will just have some bad games too. I think he has a shot this week against Houston.

14. Dennis Pitta vs CLE - I know I should be higher on Pitta at this point, but I'm just so used to dismissing performances by Baltimore TEs. He can work his way up with a big game this week. I just worry about him sliding into a slump of 40-60 yards and no touchdowns.

15. Owen Daniels vs TEN - If they weren't the best running team in the NFL I would put Daniels much higher. He should have a few good catches off play-action this week.

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