Thursday, September 13, 2012

Week 2: Start or Sit

Last week was largely successful, all things considered. Sure, Matthew Stafford had a Mark Sanchez day and Mark Sanchez had a Matthew Stafford day, but I challenge you to find any other fantasy prediction that had Blaine Gabbert in the top-12 last week.

I will naturally admit to my mistakes and say that Chris Johnson surprised us all with his terrible performance, that I was completely wrong when it came with which Denver receiver would have the best game, and I did truly terribly guessing which handful of tight ends would be the best, but all-in-all I made a lot of great predictions. The ones regarding Brandon LaFell and Alshon Jeffery have to stand out as unique and insightful, my placement of Robert Griffin III at the 6th spot was way higher than most "experts," and my placement of Pierre Garcon and Andre Johnson in the top-10 while excluding big-name guys like Greg Jennings, Roddy White, or A.J. Green could have probably won a few games (not owning Garcon or Johnson, it didn't impact me). I would love feedback about last week, and my friend who is a computer programmer and I are working on a percentage rating system that will be used to compare my rankings this week with those from other experts on different sites. You are welcomed to send your own lists, and they will be ranked in the coming week! Hope you enjoy the second installation of Start or Sit.

By the way, if you need another source of reference for my picks, you can head over to where I am 31st in overall rankings and second in volume rankings.

**Note: Thursday night players will be locked into their category tonight, but other players may end up moving around them depending on injury news before Sunday. I will not change rankings to improperly increase my correct percentage.

Top-25 Quarterbacks:

Over 18 points (Players 1-6):

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Drew Brees
  3. Tony Romo
  4. Matt Ryan
  5. Jay Cutler
  6. Tom Brady
Between 15 and 18 points (Players 7-16):
  1. Andrew Luck
  2. Matthew Stafford
  3. Peyton Manning
  4. Kevin Kolb
  5. Cam Newton
  6. Michael Vick
  7. Carson Palmer
  8. Robert Griffin III
  9. Matt Cassel
  10. Joe Flacco
 Between 12 and 15 points (Players 17-25):
  1. Philip Rivers
  2. Matt Schaub
  3. Mark Sanchez
  4. Ben Roethlisberger
  5. Alex Smith
  6. Jake Locker
  7. Christian Ponder
  8. Eli Manning
  9. Russell Wilson 

Top-30 Running Backs:

Over 16 points (Players 1-7):
  1. Adrian Peterson
  2. Arian Foster
  3. Darren McFadden
  4. Matt Forte
  5. Maurice Jones-Drew
  6. C.J. Spiller
  7. Chris Johnson
Between 12 and 16 points (Players 8-20):
  1. Doug Martin
  2. Ray Rice
  3. LeSean McCoy
  4. Marshawn Lynch
  5. Alfred Morris
  6. Reggie Bush
  7. Donald Brown
  8. Ahmad Bradshaw
  9. Jamaal Charles
  10. Trent Richardson
  11. Stevan Ridley
  12. BenJarvus Green-Ellis
  13. Steven Jackson
Between 8 and 12 points (Players 21-30):
  1. DeMarco Murray
  2. Shonn Greene
  3. Willis McGahee
  4. Darren Sproles
  5. Cedric Benson
  6. Michael Turner
  7. Rashard Mendenhall
  8. Ryan Williams
  9. Knowshon Moreno
  10. Jonathan Stewart

Top-35 Wide Receivers:

Over 16 points (Players 1-6):
  1. Jordy Nelson
  2. Brandon Marshall
  3. Steve Smith (CAR)
  4. Julio Jones
  5. Dwayne Bowe
  6. Calvin Johnson
Between 12 and 16 points (Players 7-21):
  1. Andre Johnson
  2. James Jones
  3. Reggie Wayne
  4. Dez Bryant
  5. Eric Decker
  6. A.J. Green
  7. Percy Harvin
  8. Marques Colston
  9. Larry Fitzgerald
  10. Darrius Heyward-Bey
  11. Victor Cruz
  12. Mike Williams
  13. Alshon Jeffery
  14. Stevie Johnson
  15. Mike Wallace
Between 8 and 12 points (Players 22-35):
  1. Stephen Hill
  2. Brandon Lloyd
  3. Malcom Floyd
  4. Demarius Thomas
  5. Roddy White
  6. Donald Jones
  7. Andre Roberts
  8. Michael Crabtree
  9. Vincent Jackson
  10. Justin Blackmon
  11. Torrey Smith
  12. Antonio Brown
  13. Kenny Britt
  14. Wes Welker

Top-15 Tight Ends:
  1. Jimmy Graham
  2. Rob Gronkowski
  3. Aaron Hernandez
  4. Tony Gonzalez
  5. Fred Davis
  6. Jermichael Finley
  7. Brandon Pettigrew
  8. Vernon Davis
  9. Owen Daniels
  10. Greg Olsen
  11. Kyle Rudolph
  12. Marcedes Lewis
  13. Dennis Pitta
  14. Martellus Bennett
  15. Jacob Tamme
Best of luck in Week 2 for all the fantasy enthusiasts out there.

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