Monday, August 6, 2012

Saints vs. Cardinals Play-By-Play

 I apologize for misspellings and poor grammar/confusing wording. I was trying to do this while watching the game and the Olympics.

Pierre Thomas started – missed blitz pickup – middle pressure – shovel – broken tackles

Screen – Thomas – multiple broken tackles – brees hit

shotgun – two tailback – left to sproles

i-form – middle run – multiple broken tackles, strong running – thomas

stretch – sproles – 10+ run

play action – overthrew Henderson on bootleg (12:24)

single back audible to shotgun, throw to morgan right

I form – ingram cutback – multiple broken tackles

ingram strong run middle – touchdown (not called touchdown, great extension)

ingram strong run middle – touchdown

Hartley first EPK

Kevin Kolb starts – single back, two tight ends – Kolb gets a block – steven hawking breaks tackle left and bounces back right – 10+ yards
I form – no play action – interception malcom jenkins undercut – throw to Roberts – no open receivers – obvious primary read
Daniel takes over – shotgun one back – QB keep, goes down head first
single-back – ingram right guard for short gain – not a strong finish
shotgun one back – strong blitz – ingram picks up block, but cannot block two guys
missed until 7:00
Chris Ivory strong, short run
single back – poor pass blocking
shotgun single-back – slip screen – ball batted to Cadet
weak – big pass rush – kolb throws spot on to FB – kolb injured avoiding safety (should not have run back) – Kolb refuses to high-five Skelton walking off
Skelton single back – toss left stevens-howling – mediocre run
shotgun back left – incomplete to heap (TE) – more bad pass blocking – really dangerous pass
daniels I form – ivory hand off – stuttered at goal line, bad form
weak form – daniels decent throw left – 15 bobbles pass out of bounds
handoff ivory – strong run – right into defender
I form – play action – deep out Roby (15) – great throw – not enough velocity for me
shotgun single-back – poor throw – joseph morgan drops pass
shotgun – pocket collapses – daniel runs for first down
I form – hand off ivory – straight ahead
single-back – play action jump pass – TE right – complete
shotgun – sack – running back insignificant (ivory #39)
weak form – skelton misses FB pass quick
I form – run right stevens-howling – jumps and falls
shotgun – throws middle andre roberts with some time – moves in pocket
weak form – fitzgerald slant middle
single-back – straight run by smith
strong form – good pass right to andre roberts – half side arm pass – roberts sits in zone, great job
smith left – finds hole and runs downhill
I form – run left smith – good blocking, finds hole – avoids a tackle – big run
strong form – chooses right for smith – good run
single-back – play action skelton – nearly sacked – throws dangerous pass complete to RB powell
single-back – stretch powell stutters – does not fumble but ball comes out
single-back – roberts motion in – smith runs middle and roberts misses block
weak form shift strong – smith run behind fullback
single-back – toss left smith runs touchdown behind bunch receivers
great KO return for #34
single-back – play action – daniel finds nothing – runs right after near sack
I form – ivory dances and gets stuff behind the line
shotgun – good throw against zone coverage – finally some oline play – catch Ruby
weak form – quick throw right to Ruby again against blitz
strong form – ivory hit in backfield and gets negative yards – needs to break that tackle
shotgun bad snap – daniel finds cadet right quickly – good pass
strong – ivory cut back – hard short run left into linebacker
single-back – daniel avoids single blitzer with legs and dives head first
shotgun – hit as he throws – lineback breaks up pass to TE 81 running with TE
Kasey short FG
Missed a few plays due to internet issues to 4:41 (may not have missed anything)
Bartel: done cataloging every play for the cardinals
Great catch michael floyd
bartel to housler TE deep reception
poor throw to floyd incomplete

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