Friday, August 24, 2012

Packers at Bengals Notes

Alex Green terrible bcv/drops the ball, runs right into defender
to nelson first
Rodgers great run/oline looks weak already

Leonard dances too much and doesnt possess great bcv

Cobb is still a dynamic returner (Kos better later in season)
Nelson did not get ridiculous PI
Jennings is in game, looks good(as does Rodgers) –hella good, damn man, great speed
Tom Crabtree is decent
Rodgers run for TD, great running from pressure, nice shoulder fake before running, made dline jump

Packers run d looks good
Dalton making slow decisions, being forced to flush, oline not great (but Dalton could make faster decision)

Jordy is spectacular
Benson is a much better bcv, easily the best RB on the team
Rodgers still right on target (bad personal foul), two rushing TD
Driver on field (over Cobb?) yes

Bengals poor screen execution, Dalton forced to run
finally got a run, and another hole,
Good throw to tate, not greatest touch
Short pass too hard

Benson much better than green
slot throw to cobb
Jones ran wrong route? Definitely, go against cover 2

Traman great, but Dalton didn't make quick decision
Tate another catch in zone
Traman great again
good quick throw
should have gotten IG
They HAVE to have a quick read on that

Packers use lots of receivers
Rodgers SO much faster than he looks, wont go down
Benson is bester, can catch, turn, and run, fast
throw to cobb in slot, Jones looking deep
Rodgers isn't checking enough options at times

Dalton overthrows open Green
Finally a quick throw, but not enough

Benson great on draws
Nelson great after catch, knocks down defender
Still throwing to driver

Dalton now freaking out
Donald less has to catch that

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