Friday, August 24, 2012

Jaguars at Ravens Notes

Flacco good throw, then again to boldin, great oline and unflappable
82 bad pass catching form, Flacco lack of touch

Jenning bad bcv, then good
Great fucking throw in the face of pressure, blackmon push off
Robinson needs to separate on that play

Rice still great, still catching balls
Flacco needed to zip the ball
Smith shortish catch on semi-dangerous throw
dump off to leach instead of throwing away
boldin good hands and looked for in end zone

gabbert cant back up
again, blackmon
can't throw short on that, too conservative

Flacco good eyes, decent/bad throw
Smith not a great receiver still

Jennings is startable, but not elite
Blackmon is great and gabbert can get him the ball
Gabbert good and fast, but not on sae page as Robinson

Flacco looking for Smith and boldin, good decision making
Again to Smith, good route runner
Smith and Boldin, everything

Gabbert still just quick throw, needs to hold that longer, no pressure
I'd rather he throws that out than takes a sack

Flacco still playing well, but not great

Jennings is SO good, and Gabbert is making fast plays, Robinson sucks
Love this to Blackmon, definitely worth a 8th-10th
I love Jennings, and Gabbert's decision making
Webb looks great for IDP
Lots of trust in Jennings

Flacco to Smith, all day long.

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