Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Unexpected Team

So the other day I was trying to find an old league because I wanted to prove that I started Matt Flynn in my Week 17 championship game last year over Philip Rivers and Tim Tebow. What I found instead was that I had accidentally signed up for an auction draft a while ago and had completely missed my draft. Here is my team and how I am going to go about dealing with it...

This team is not terrible, but there are a lot of people I would not have picked up in this auction format (Anquan Boldin being one of the most glaring and frustrating computer faults).

I made two immediate changes to the lineup (Dropped Santana Moss for Roy Helu, Dropped Andy Dalton for Brandon Pettigrew). Since then I also dropped Jacob Tamme for Evan Royster.

Obviously, I have a good quarterback, but he is rarely above average compared to his price tag in auction drafts. I don't know how much the computer spent on him, but I like having Matthew Stafford because he gives me a better than average option at quarterback that partially makes up for my very depressing situation at running back.

When I saw my running backs I was excited about Ryan Mathews and then extremely depressed about everyone else. Before making any moves my running back situation was;
Mathews (wonderful), Martin (undetermined), Toby Gerhart (handcuff), Isaac Redman (undetermined), and David Wilson (unlikely to play much, imo). What a terrible place to be. I took a deep breath and hit the FA market. I was lucky to find that Roy Helu and Evan Royster were both on waivers. One of them is likely to win the starting job, so I grabbed them both. Sure, I don't want to be carrying 7 running backs on a team, but I could be in a worse situation.

My wide receiver situation is fine, but it is precariously perched on the edge of aged and shallow. There is no young blood in this receiving corps, but I can deal with that. I just need two of these four old buggers to make it though the season. I think I can count on that. I would never ever draft or bid on Anquan Boldin. The unfortunate truth is that there is not anyone on waivers worth replacing him. At least he is typically a top-30 wide receiver with some potential. He isn't likely to score me many points, but I would rather throw him into the lineup than someone completely untested at this point in the season.

I loath the idea of holding Jacob Tamme, so I dropped him. Tamme is not my guy. He might be your guy, but he is not my guy. For every person who puts down someone like Ryan Mathews...if you like Tamme, you are basing his success on a few games two years ago. That doesn't make any sense. Brandon Pettigrew gets touches, and that is all I care about if I am starting a crappy TE anyways. Pettigrew should finish top-10.

I have two possible trades that I initiated (I don't know if anyone is willing to trade or even active right now).

One of them is Toby Gerhart and David Wilson for Percy Harvin and James Starks. I'm just praying the guy like David Wilson on this one. I want Harvin to add youth to my receiving corps, and I like Starks much better than Gerhart. I don't expect him to take the trade, but I would be happy if he did.

The second is Toby Gerhart and Isaac Redman for Marques Colston and Ahmad Bradshaw. Yeah, the guy would have to be stupid to make this trade too, but there are SO many people who hate Bradshaw and Colston that I am hoping he doesn't trust either one of them.

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