Monday, July 16, 2012

Matt Forte Is Back

Matt Forte and the Chicago Bears finally came to terms on a long term deal. This is big news, because it means that I can finally start drafting Forte again. While I was not bold enough to completely avoid Ray Rice when he came my way, I would draft almost any tier two running back ahead of Forte. I really don't trust players who hold out through training camp, but everything has changed now. Forte will slide back into the #7 role on my running back rankings, and if MJD keeps away from team activities, I would consider bumping Forte into the 6th spot.

As far as auction drafting goes, I now have to change my philosophy to picking two of the top seven running backs, with Forte entering the picture as an inexpensive alternative for players who like to spread their money over the entirety of the starting lineup. Indeed, drafting Forte instead of McCoy, Rice, or Chris Johnson should net enough for you to grab either a true top-5 wide receiver or a tight end like Aaron Hernandez.

Just a heads up for people playing ESPN auction leagues. They have Hernandez rated at $6, currently. Avoid nominating him at all costs and be ready to pay more like $10 for the third best TE in fantasy this season.


  1. Cool blog, found you through reddit. I'm about to do my first ever fantasy draft with some friends so this very helpful.

    1. Good luck. Be flexible and find value with every pick.