Sunday, June 10, 2012

Taking Stock: Where does Chad Ochocinco Have Value

A lot of people predicted great things from Ochocinco (let's all be honest, the Chad just sounds awkward) when he was paired up with Tom Brady, and drafted Ochocinco in their fantasy leagues. Those people were sorely disappointed by his 15 receptions and 1 touchdown last season. A lot of people also dislike Ochocinco because of his on-the-field and off-the-field antics, but I personally love him for it. If every football player was stoic about the sport it would be boring. Players like Ochocinco liven up the game, and now it is time to see whether he can still liven up your fantasy team.

Best Fit: Miami Dolphins - The Dolphins managed to end the free agency and draft period in an absolutely dire position. Are Legedu Naanee or Davone Bess really starting receivers in the NFL? Last season they combined for exactly 1,000 yards and 4 touchdowns. They aren't even a good fantasy receiver if we put them together. Ochocinco can fill the void left by Brandon Marshall at a fraction of the price; and really, Miami needs someone to liven up their team. Brandon Marshall was in the news all the time with his domestic issues. At least Ochocinco makes the news because he is making people smile! If he goes to Miami, he should be able to go over 1,000 yards receiving and score 6-8 touchdowns. Not WR1 material, but he would be a nice addition to most fantasy teams. If you don't believe those numbers, just think about the fact that there is absolutely no one else on this team to catch the ball. He might get 20 looks a game (exaggeration, but you get the point).

Runner Up: Cleveland Browns - The Browns added Trent Richardson, which was great for their team, but they didn't add any substantial receiver depth in the offseason. I love Greg Little, but I think Ochocinco would still win out at the number one receiver if he went to Cleveland. Like Miami, there really aren't any players (other than the aforementioned Greg Little) to take looks away from Ochocinco, and the Browns tend to end up throwing the ball a lot in garbage time. Realistically, I don't know if Ochocinco is a fantasy threat here, but I would be willing to draft him in a Browns uniform. The Browns are another team that needs a spark now that Josh Cribbs has been paid and has fallen off the earth. 800-900 yards and 5 touchdowns await Ocho in Cleveland.

Dark Horse Candidate: Minnesota Vikings - Sure, Percy Harvin is good, but this team won't be able to stop throwing the ball with the sorry corners they have. Sorry Vikings fans, but the Packers, Bears and Lions (yeah, the lowly Lions) are going to run the score up on you this season. That means Ponder needs to throw the ball, and while Harvin is great at what he does, Ochocinco can beatpress in a way that no other receiver on this roster can. I don't see the Vikings grabbing him, but from a fantasy prospective, this could be a great fit. The NFC North might have some of the worst corners in the league, or it might just be that they have 3 of the best Quarterbacks in the league. Either way, Ochocinco should be able to get great yardage up in Minnesota. I think his numbers would be best as a Viking, but I can't see them paying him.

Wishful Thinkings: Jacksonville Jaguars - You have to feel bad for the Jaguars, and we would all love to believe that there is hope for this team, but with Blackmon showing his lack of football focus there must be some saving grace for the Jags? Ochocinco perhaps? Not from a fantasy prospective, at least. Even if they are a decent fit in real life, this is a disaster for fantasy fans. Just don't draft him if he goes to Jacksonville. Seriously. There is just no hope.

This is not a list of best football matches for Ochocinco. Sure, he makes sense as a WR2 for the Texans, but he doesn't carry as much fantasy value as he does if he goes to a city where he will be the primary receiver. Keep on keepin' on, Ochocinco. I loved you in The League. Keep making appearances.

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