Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taking a Hit: Percy Harvin Demands a Trade

I almost said "Percy Harvin Requests a Trade," but that isn't how this sounds. Of course, there is no way to know how far apart these sides are because no one seems to know exactly what Harvin is upset about. The two leading theories are that he is upset about his contract, based only on the fact that most other time players are upset about their contract, and his injury history, starting with migraines and culminating in shoulder surgery during the offseason. Leslie Frazier spoke about the issue during a press conference, but when he was asked whether this was a contract issue the first word out of his mouth was "no." He then backtracked saying that they were going to keep having discussions, but it definitely doesn't seem like an exclusively contract-driven situation. There must be something else to this story.

I, personally, applaud Harvin for coming to team workouts to talk about his problem. Sure, things have gotten out of hand recently with the media reports and trade request, but it sounds like he wanted to work things out peacefully until yesterday. He probably expected the Vikings to be more flexible with his issues, so he came to the team planning on getting everything resolved and going about his business. Obviously that never happened, but I believe that Harvin's intentions were innocent.

So what about fantasy football? Harvin was never going to be a WR1, but most people had him pegged as a solid WR2. Assuming he stays in Minnesota, and there really isn't any chance of him being traded with his current contract, he might be ready to hold out of training camp. That would drop him to a WR3, in my opinion, especially if A.D. is really as far advanced in his rehab as the Vikings say he is. Harvin has been a mediocre pass-catcher, but was a great running back when Peterson was injured. Hopefully the Vikings will make a deal with him, but the longer they wait, the worse his season will be.

I saw a few comments about people saying he should go other places. The Browns were mentioned, but that would be detrimental to Trent Richardson's numbers. The whole reason people think Richardson will have a great season is that there is no one else to take carries away from him. If you introduce Harvin to the equation, you introduce someone that can take carries away from him. That being said, the Vikings will never trade him because then their receiving corps will be worse than the Browns', and that's saying something.

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