Monday, June 11, 2012

Taking a Hit: Jake Ballard Fails Giants Physical

A few people thought Jake Ballard might have a break-out campaign in 2012. Those hopes were dashed when he failed a physical for the New York Giants and was subsequently waived by the organization. The Giants will probably end up putting Ballard onto IR after he clears waivers, since it is highly unlikely that any team will pick him up.

Ballard probably wasn't going to have any real impact on fantasy this season, but now he is pretty much completely off the radar. The Giants are looking doubly smart for adding Martellus Bennett in the offseason, and we might come to understand that they expected this occurrence. Ballard was good last season, but he has now suffered multiple injuries during his NFL career and could be headed for obscurity. Bennett, on the other hand, will be getting first team reps if Ballard is still out come training camp. Bennett was stuck behind Jason Witten for the first four years of his career, and has plenty of potential. I think he could become a deep, deep, deep sleeper, especially if this injury lingers into the preseason.

To sum it up, this makes Jake Ballard an undraftable player, but gives Martellus Bennett a significant opening. Sorry if this is choppy, but I'm trying to watch the Stanley Cup Finals. I'm happy L.A. is going to win, they deserve it and it is a great Cinderella story, but I really wish the game was closer. This isn't really satisfying.

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