Saturday, June 2, 2012

32 in 32: New York Jets

The Jets have very little to offer fantasy owners this season. Apart from a defense that was little better than mediocre last season, the Jets were mostly a disaster. Even last season, though, Mark Sanchez held a little value as a backup fantasy quarterback with potential. This season, Rex Ryan has talked about Timothy Richard Tebow taking about 20 snaps per game. That makes Mark Sanchez basically useless, unless he can do some amazing things in those 40-50 plays he is on the field. Then again, there wasn't a whole lot in that Jets receiving corps to begin with, so it shouldn't make any difference in their potential.

The leading receiver, in both yards and receptions, was tight end Dustin Keller. As such, Keller will probably be the most valuable receiving player on this team again. He won't be breaking any records, especially not with the dynamic duo of Sanchez and Tebow throwing him the ball, but he should hopefully match his 800 yards and 5 touchdowns from last season. I like him less than Brent Celek, of the Eagles, but he could still be a solid fantasy contributor. Santonio Holmes scored 8 touchdowns last season. Santonio Holmes had less than 700 receiving yards last season. The first number is pretty good, but the second number is atrocious. There is just no way I can draft a receiver in the first 9 rounds that I don't think has any chance of reaching 1,000 yards. Holmes has only reached 1,000 yards ONCE in his career. Don't waste your time or draft picks on this guy, unless you are looking for late round receiver help. Given that Plaxico Burress will not be returning to the Jets for another season, rookie Stephen Hill should be on your radar as a possible target. Honestly, I would say that Hill has more potential than Holmes does to make a difference on your team. You can probably grab him at the very end of the draft and hope that he has a great season as a rookie. Lord knows no one else on this team is going to take targets away from him.

I mentioned it briefly above, but Mark Sanchez has no value this year. Unless something amazing happens and Sanchez finds some new abilities that we haven't seen before, he is just going to be the same slightly-below-mediocre quarterback without the 6 rushing touchdowns he scored last year. Tim Tebow will be happy to vulture those from him. If Tebow changed his designation from QB to RB, he might just be worth a serious look. If the man is getting 20 touches per game, that is way more than most running backs are going to get. Alas, he is not going to be worth much of anything as a quarterback unless New York falls in love with him and they cut Mark Sanchez. If that happens, pick him up on waivers.

Shonn Greene might be one of the better mid-round running backs this season. He certainly didn't blow anyone out of the water last season, but he quietly rushed for over 1,000 yards and scored 6 touchdowns. He is really going to have to earn his touches this season, and he could drop from 250 carries to 220 if he does not come into camp ready to roll. There is very little competition from other backs, especially since Joe McKnight has become more of a return specialist than a running back. If Greene comes to town ready to play, he could get 300 touches, 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns, with another 300 receiving yards. If he doesn't take this seriously, he will lose carries to Tebow and will fade away  towards 700 rushing yards. There is way too much risk in this pick for me to advocate anything higher than a 4th or 5th rounder, but he could be a nice flex player throughout the season.

The defense is always desirable, but they did not play so well last season. Only getting 35 sacks will hurt you, but their 19 ints are solid. The kicker here probably won't see enough use to be truly valuable, but keep an eye on him as the season progresses.

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