Saturday, May 12, 2012

Positional Expectations

The last few days have been very busy, not that anyone reads this blog, so I don't know why I feel compelled to apologize, but I do. I am graduating on Sunday and I just finished my student-teaching on Wednesday, so I have plenty of time to focus on the upcoming season. Tonight I am going to talk about an ideal team and what you should expect from each position going into the draft. This is a guideline for creating a great team, and it is very unlikely that every one of your drafted players will meet these expectations. The goal is for your daily average to be at least... 100.00 points.

That's right. If you can pull out 100 points per game, you should easily move into the playoffs. Lets break this down by position.

Quarterback: (18.00 points)                  5 in 2011

Running Back 1: (12.00 points)             6 in 2011

Running Back 2: (12.00 points)             6 in 2011

Wide Receiver 1: (11.00 points)           7 in 2011

Wide Receiver 2: (11.00 points)           7 in 2011

Tight End: (9.00 points)                        2 in 2011

Flex WR/RB: (10.00 points)                32 in 2011

Kicker: (8.00 points)                            13 in 2011

Defense: (9.00 points)                           7 in 2011

The number to the right indicates how many players qualified at each position in 2011. Obviously there are not enough good players to go around. This is where getting value picks in every round will save you a lot of headaches down the road. This also shows why RB is still a more important position than QB. We will talk more about relative value in the coming week when I break down each position and discuss who will and will not reach these marks.

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