Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On The Rise: Peterson Beats Harvin

Six months after major knee surgery, Adrian Peterson is apparently racing teammates to get him in shape. According to an article, Peterson outpaced Percy Harvin in a recent competition. Peterson beat Harvin in two hill sprints, indicating that Peterson is well on his way to making a full, and speedy, recovery from a pair of injuries that he suffered at the end of the 2011 season. This is great news and would move Peterson up a few spots on my fantasy draft board. Most running backs have a lot of trouble coming back from knee injuries, but Peterson has never been an average running back.

Training camps are still a long ways away, but Peterson apparently believes that there is about a 50% chance that he will be ready by then. There are other reports that Peterson might not be available for the first week of the regular season. I would be very surprised if Peterson were not available for some sort of duty during the first week of the season, but this is something that is still 2-3 months away from being fully resolved. At this point though, Peterson is looking great. Just ask Percy Harvin.

As a side note; if Peterson is not available for Week 1, Harvin will get a few touches at running back, meaning that his value will be ever-so-slightly higher than it would be with Peterson in the game.

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