Monday, May 7, 2012


If you are anything like me, you don't read these articles and blogs because you think the person who wrote them is smarter than you. You read them for validation and new ideas. There are countless different angles to take when it comes to fantasy, and it is always best to find as many different angles as possible. This blog will be devoted to winning Fantasy Football. Come next basketball season, it will be devoted to winning Fantasy Basketball. First, a little bit about myself.

Last year was my first year playing fantasy football and fantasy basketball. I won all three leagues of fantasy football I played and came in second in my fantasy basketball league. The difference between the two was that I have been an avid football fan for most of my life, while I had never watched a regular season basketball game until this past season. I already knew who good and bad football player were, while I had to go off of projected stats for my basketball draft. Additionally, fantasy basketball is much more intense than fantasy football is, and there are a number of different settings that a league can use. In the end, though, I lost my fantasy basketball league because my players couldn't stay healthy. At the start of the two-week finals period, I only had three players that I drafted on my team. None of them would make it through the two weeks. That is a situation you cannot control. These were all durable players who had moments of misfortune at the end of the season. Alternatively, I finished with no fewer than 5 players I drafted on any one of my fantasy football teams. Luck of the draw.

I am a diehard Packers fan. My biggest rule is that I NEVER draft a Packers player ahead of his projected draft position. The only Packers player I drafted last season was Greg Jennings in 1 league where he fell to 20th. He played well all season and was easily worth the pick. If I had the 15th pick, I would have passed on him. This blog will be about making the right decisions. Drafting properly, being active and getting lucky are the three phases of fantasy football. In the final game of the season, I had the option to play Rivers against the Raiders, Tebow against the Chiefs or Orton against the Broncos. Instead, I dropped Orton to play Matt Flynn against the Lions. Rivers scored 22, Tebow scored 0 and Flynn scored 39. I won that league because I took a chance. That is what fantasy is all about.

Welcome to my blog.


  1. Could you put together a couple of mock drafts the way you would draft for a winning team, 1 qb 2 rb 2 wr 1 te kicker def and 6 bench players, ppr, auction draft with 150 cap, for example top rb's last year like peterson went for $55.

    Thank you and I love your posts.

    1. Sure thing. A few friends and I from are going to be a doing an auction draft on Thursday night. It is going to be a 12-team, ppr league with a $200 budget. I can post my team and extrapolate the numbers into a $150 format for you. I'll write a little something about how it went on the blog.

      Feel free to check out that site. If you sign up, make sure to mention that I directed you there and everyone will treat you right. Lots of great people. We do plenty of mocks and drafts together.

    2. Awesome, thank you Aaron and I will check that site out for sure and look for your post. Can not wait for the year to start, I am sooo pumped.